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OE Solutions is a leading supplier of optoelectronic transceiver solutions for both broadband wireless and wireline markets, including wireless backhaul, Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), Local Area Networks (LANs), Storage Area Networks (SANs), Passive Optical Networks (PONs) and HD Video Transport. Founded in 2003, OE Solutions has differentiated itself by offering technical excellence and customer-oriented mindset. OE Solutions has grown over the last decade as one of the key suppliers to many systems companies worldwide. Headquartered in Gwangju Photonics Industry Cluster, South Korea, OE Solutions has assembled an outstanding team for optoelectronic solutions who builds products that customers can trust. OE Solutions currently has two satellite offices located in New Jersey and California, for ease of customer support. OE Solutions’ slogan is offering agility, flexibility and adaptability to all of its global customers. OE Solutions strives to be the “Global leader of the ‘Video Revolution’ in wireless, wireline and HD video markets”.




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