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Yantel Corporation, founded in July 2004, boasts a strong R&D team of Ph.D, professors and overseas-educated experts. As a national-level High-Tech enterprise, we are in constant pursuit of innovation. By leading edge proprietary technologies in RF microwave active & passive components and IC design techniques in MMIC & RFIC, today’s Yantel holds over forty invention patents granted in China, US , Europe, Korea and Japan. etc.

Yantel proud itself in various world-class proprietary technologies and patented products which are unprecedentedly innovative in RF passive SMD components. These include: world-first manual variable attenuator with hot switch capability(no need to power off in attenuation adjusting); world-first SMD manual variable attenuator in ultra small size, wideband DC-3GHz; world-first SMD RF tunable inductor(manual& electric control); world-first technology to realize real time lossless & accurate temperature compensation within the chip of GaAs PA.

– Temperature compensation attenuator

– Switch Variable Attenuator

– Rotary Variable Attenuator

– Fixed Attenuator

– SMD 3dB 90? Hybrid Coupler

– 3dB 90? High power & Wideband Hybrid Coupler

– SMD directional coupler

– High Power & Wideband Bi-directional Coupler

– Quadrifilar IC 4-Phased Antenna Feeder

– 2-way 0?Power Divider /Combiner IC

– 4-way 0?Power Divider / Combiner IC

– Directional Coupler IC

– 3dB 90? Coupler IC

– Step Variable Attenuator(DIP)

– Continuously Variable Attenuator(SMD/DIP)

– Manual SMD RF Tunable Inductor

– Coaxial Temperature Compensation Attenuator

– Fixed Attenuator Chip

– Balun IC

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